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  • Chris Hulleman, University of Virginia, "The Promise and Perils of Social Psychological Research for Education"
  • David Daniel, James Madison University, "When Helping Hurts: Teaching as Co-Dependency"


  • David Myers, Hope College, "A Quiet World: The Psychology of Hearing and Hearing Loss"
  • Douglas Gentile, Iowa State University, "The Multiple Effects of Media"


  • Dana Dunn, Moravian College, "Teachers in Situations: Exploring Behaviors, Passions and Personalities of Psychology Teachers" and "Rules of Engagement: Controversial Matters for the Psychology Classroom"


  • David Daniel, James Madison University, "The Dark Side of Pedagogy"
  • Gary Wells, Iowa State University, "Communicating Psychology to Non-Psychologists: Lessons from Applications of Eyewitness Identification Research"


  • Scott Lilienfield, Emory University, "Public Skepticism of Psychology: Why So Many People - and Students - Perceive Our Field as Unscientific"
  • Katie McLaughlin and Julia Omarzu (Facilitators), Loras College, "Sensation and Perception Challenge"


  • Regan Gurung, University of Wisconsin, "Invigorating Student Learning: Why Just Study More is Not Enough"
  • Betsy L. Morgan, University of Wisconsin, "Career Opportunities for Psychology Majors: What Do Faculty need to Know?"


  • David Myers, Hope College, "A Science-Based and Faith-Based Case for Gay Marriage"
  • Britain Scott, University of St. Thomas, "Teaching Psychology for Sustainability: The Why and How of Greening Your Psychology Course"


  • Charles Brewer, Furman University, "The Joy of Teaching"
  • Ed Willis, Central College "We are Not Naturally Rational"


  • Josh Gerow, Purdue University, "Learning Objectives for Introductory Psychology: May I Object"
  • Charlie Blair-Broeker, Cedar Falls High School, "Living and Learning: A Teachers Top Ten List"


  • Meg Gerrard, Iowa State University, "Adolescent Decision-Making about Risk Behaviors: Analytic and Heuristic Reasoning"
  • Laird Edman, Northwestern College, "Knowing about Knowing: Issues in Epistemological Development for the Classroom"


  • Susan Cross, Iowa State University, "Who Are You? The Role of Self-Concept in Thought, Feeling and Action"
  • Neil Lutsky, Carleton College, "Stop and Think: Teaching Students How, as Well as What, Psychologists Think"


  • Brad Bushman, University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research, "Does Self-Love or Self-Hate Lead to Violence?" and "The Terminator and the Spectator: Does Media Violence Cause Societal Violence?"


  • Jane Halonen, James Madison University, "The Resilient Teacher: Strategies for Staying Mindful in the Classroom"
  • William Addison, Eastern Illinois University, "The Resilient Teacher in Unfriendly Climates"


  • Gary Wells, Iowa State University, "Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony"
  • Jody Meerdink, Nebraska Wesleyan University, "Who's Committing the Crimes?"


  • David Myers, Hope College, "Positive Psychology: Response to the 20th Century"
  • Randy Ernst, Lincoln Public Schools, "Incorporating Positive Psychology into the Curriculum"


  • Tom Pusateri, Loras College, "Assessment"
  • Rob MacEntarffer, Lincoln Southeast High School, "Promoting Student Research from High School Through College"

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